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Ground Exper PRO





Ground Exper PRO

هو جهاز صوتي و تصويري ثنائي الأبعاد وهو صناعة ألمانية ويبحث عن جميع المعادن  تحت الأرض ويعمل بنظام التصوير الفوري تحت الأرض عن طريق الشاشة الملونة للمشاهدة الحقيقة تحت الأرض وليس كباقي الأجهزة تكون الصور مخزنة والعمق لغاية أكثر من  5 متر تحت الأرض ويحدد العمق والحجم تحت الأرض عن طريق الشاشة مباشرة وجميع المعادن باللون الأحمر ما عدا الذهب فهو باللون الأصفر وبه ألوان أخري متفرقة لباقي الأشياء المدفونة تحت الأرض ولا يتأثر بالأحجار البازلتية وهي خليط المعادن التي تأثر علي أدائه وسهل الإستخدام مع كتالوج إنجليزي وفيديو تعليمي وبرنامج التصوير متوفر باللغات التالية : عربي وإنجليزي وألماني  وبلغاري وفرنسي وصيني  وإسباني وروسي  وتركي ولا يعمل عن طريق البلوتوث 

للشراء ولمزيد من المعلومات

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الخط الساخن الموبايل  0096566414184

أو زيارة المعرض دولة الكويت – حولي – شارع إبن خلدون  

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أو مراسلتنا عبر الإميل الإلكتروني


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1) Ground Exper PRO is a professional detector that goes really deep (up to several meters) regardless of the nature of the soil

2) Ground Exper PRO offers never seen before metal discrimination for a pulse induction metal detector. Get rid of big iron rusty objects !

3) Ground Exper PRO let you see the shape, metal and depth of the object before you even start digging.

4) Ground Exper PRO comes with all accessories and 2 extra coils, as well as Wireless connectivity.

5) Ground Exper PRO is an ever-evolving machine. You can add new metals to its database. You can control it via tablet PC or cell phone.

6) Ground Exper PRO engineers offer optimized versions of their products for the region of the world you live in. It comes in 9 languages : Turkish,Arabic,French,English,Chinese,Russian,


7) Ground Exper PRO features automatic static and mineral elimination: get rid of all EMI !

8) Ground Exper PRO is Easy to use and fully customizable

9) Ground Exper PRO automatically ground balances according to mineralization level of the soil.

10) Ground Exper PRO comes with 3 coils, Bluetooth connectivity and Tablet PC (LIGHT VERSION features one coil, USB connectivity and cell phone)

Ground Exper PRO brings you even more and enhances your whole treasure hunting experience:thanks to the tablet PC supplied with your system, Internet, Skype, Google Maps (satellite views); WiFi and everything you expect from your computer is at the tip of your fingers. You will get to the result directly without needing any other computer or going through the problem of transferring data. You may easily manage all functions thanks to the user-friendly control panel.


It is the first PI detector with perfect discrimination

So far, the biggest problem for treasure hunters has been the worthless items that can be found under the ground. Aluminium cans, nails, caps, horse shoes and rusty large pieces of iron are nightmares. Ground Exper PRO will allow you to save time and efforts providing you tips on the shape, metal and depth of the target before you even start digging. Ground Exper PRO program is fully customizable. You can select the metal you want to dig on, and the ones you wish to reject. You may also teach Ground Exper PRO “new metals” that will be stored in the control unit database. Although mainly dedicated for large target that lay deep buried in the soil, Ground Exper PRO is also efficient on smaller objects such as coins thanks to the 26cm coil.

Before Ground Exper, if you want a professional detector designed for treasure hunting that can reach several meters of depth, usually you have to use all metal mode Pulse induction metal with a one meter coil. Sometimes those units can get rid of non corroded ferrous shallow targets, but when you go deep below the soil they get confused and let you dig on iron and junk targets. Ground Exper now offers perfect discrimination. It can easily get rid of small or large iron objects whatever their degree of corrosion is. Ground Exper also makes difference between highly and medium conductive metals (such as mixed metals). It will also display an alert when reaching gold. You can select which metal you want to dig for and which ones you want to get rid of using one of the 5 presets: highly valuable, valuable, gold, ferrous, all metal. In this new PRO version, you can also manually increase or decrease discrimination on 5 levels to make sure you do not miss low conductivity targets.

Finnaly we offer custom version of our programs depending on the region you’re searching. For instance, gold standard/purity is usually different from countries to another. Our engineers work on local metals and finds to offer the best presets for every country.  


Technical specifications and package control

  • Pulse Induction technology

  • Frequency 205.8 Hz & 500 mAh

  • 8.86″ (22cm) + 17.71″ (45cm) extra lightweight & waterproof coils + 39.37″ (100cm) coil included

  • Android Tablet PC included with HD color touchscreen (Wifi, USB, Bluetooth, 32GB storage)

  • You can also control your Ground Exper PRO with your Android Cell phone.

  • 10 preset discrimination modes

  • Teach your Ground Exper to accept/reject new metals

  • Wireless connection between tablet and control box

  • Displays shape, depth and metal of the target

  • Fast and automatic ground balance

  • Adjustable discrimination & sensitivity

  • Lithium Ion battery  12V DC, 12.4V DC / 8Ah

  • Headphone  included (3,5 mm. Stereo.)

  • Comes with harnass, bags and chargers (both AC and car adapters)

  • Length 1100 – 1350mm

  • Weight 3500gr

  • Multilingal menus: Turkish,Arabic,French,English,Chinese,Russian,

  • Spanish,Bulgarian,German.


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